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2013 Foundation Support

first post: babcocca wrote: Will this work in 2013 Foundation?

It doesn't record second in the audit log time

first post: evangeration wrote: The solution doesn't seem to record the correct time in the audit l...

View event for List Items

first post: Kea33 wrote: Congrats for the code very usefull and enhances the Sharepoint aud...

Installation Fails

first post: kesterl wrote: When I try to add the solution, I get an error message indicating t...

latest post: stoorob wrote: Kesterl,I have uploaded source code and WSP file for a 2007 version...

After deployment I can't see the feature in site colection features

first post: SanyaG wrote: I deployed the solution, but I can't see feature in site collection...

latest post: stoorob wrote: The feature is a web feature, so you need to look in the Site Featu...

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